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region. george is in egypt to mark the occasion. what is the latest from cairo? >> naga, thank you very much. welcome to tahrir square. it has achieved near iconic status because of what was achieved in this country. we will have more on that a little later. of course, this whole arab spring, which is what we are calling it, started six months ago in tunisia. it started with one man, a fruit and vegetable seller who burned himself to death in a grand frustration after officials confiscated his produce. the bbc has talked to the official ordered that confiscation. he said that he thinks the revolution would have happened anyway. our middle east editor has been back -- >> [speaking foreign language] radio show lampoons. tunisians are allowed to laugh at them. he does all the voices in a satirical way. >> [speaking foreign language] >> gaddafi is a regular column. the former president argues with who is more popular. after the show, he says tunisia ns were lucky. >> he was a coward. he just ran away. we lit the fuse before the other revolutions. >> tunisia is the most complete of all the r
that took place between cairo, sharm el shiekh and sinai. this is by far the worst. >>reporter: cairo has been by far the hardest hit. this time last year the occupancy rate at the ramses hilton was between 90 and 100%. now it's under thirty. in other parts of the country some hotelshave even shut, although that's not the case in cairo - at least so far. here at the hilton they'vebeen trying to lessen the impact on their staff by paying them they would usually have received from the service charges the hotel puts on its bills. >>from the beginning of what we are going through at the moment - after the revolution our company being hilton and the owning company made sure to subsidise the pay of the team members so they did not feel the difference, which i think is an extremely good thing, but this does not stop them from worrying for the future since how long can this continue, how far can we sustain such aid? >>reporter: the country's resorts along the red sea have fared better. yet visitor numbers have still fallen by forty to fifty per cent. there's no doubt that across the industry peop
richard engel was watching from his post in cairo and is with us from there tonight. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. i was watching yemeni state television on a big 37-inch television right in front of my desk here in cairo. and when the yemeni president started to speak and i know what he looks like, i did not recognize him. his face was much darker than it normally is, he didn't move at all in the chair in which he was sitting, his face was completely expressionless, his hands were bandaged. this is the first time we have seen the yemeni president since that assassination attempt, an explosion inside the yemeni presidential palace a month ago. if this was an attempt by the president or the yemeni government to show that he is still in full control and in command of his capacities, that attempt might not have been successful. in yemen itself, the reaction is largely one of disappointment. members of the opposition who are still out on the streets every day, they want him to step down and say what they saw today on television is a clear indication he's no longer fi
into cairo's tahrir square as the islamist leaders called for the first nationwide demonstration since the fall of president mubarak. this marks a growing rift in the protest movement. >> once again, protesters filled tahrir square to capacity. they packed into the center of cairo from early morning despite the heat. this crowd is different, many of the men are wearing beards and the white shifts of devout muslims. the women are almost all covered up. this was an islamist demonstration with a very clear message. this is the way they are showing they are a force to be reckoned with. they can turn out huge crowds. they would like to have their say in the future of each of. everyone here has a vision for the future of egypt. -- they would like to have their say in the future of egypt. >> anything touches our religion, we will descend in the square. >> we want islamic government with sure real law according to the teachings of the profit. -- we want is on the government with -- >> no one knows how much support they have. today, they remind everyone that they want to have their say in egypt
their ger at the new military rulers over the slow pace of reform. in cairo, the protesters packed tahrir square after friday prayers. >> the protesters are back on the streets of cairo. it has been five months since they toppled the regime of mark --mubarak, demanding a free and democratic egypt. " we feel the demands of gone unrealized until now. we demand retribution for the protesters who died during the revolution. we need just trials. >> hosni mubarak ruled egypt for almost 30 years. egyptians are impatient to see him brought to justice. >> look at how he has been imprisoned. they put him in a five-star hotel with servants and people to help him. but protesters are demanding the punishment the former officials found guilty of crimes. they say the need for reforms offered by the current military hunta are not with their countrymen died for. >> southern sudan will become an independent state on saturday when it secedes from the north. one day before the world's biggest countries born, moon met with sudanese officials and ask both sides to work hard to forge a peaceful coexistence. he
of the most prominent and brilliant poets of her time recently passed away in cairo, in june, actually. she was not only a poet, she was luminous and free-thinking pioneer in establishing the theory of what has come to be known as free verse in arabic poetry. in addition to her extensive laments on oppression of women and melancholy. she left. no cheek turned pale, no lip trembled. the door did not hear the story of her death. no window curtain overflowed with sorrow and gloom to follow the tomb until it disappeared. the moon lamenting its depression. the night surrendered itself without worry to the morning. the lights brought the voice of the milk girls, the fasting and the moaning of a starved cat of which nothing remained except bone. the fussing of salesmen, the struggle of life, kids threw stones at one another in the middle of the road while dirty water flooded the avenue and the wind toyed with gates and roof tops, alone in a state of semi oblivion. . >> on the day al-matarazzo street was bombed, did you notice how quickly it folded in itself? or the broken tea cups and coffee-stai
with a stubbly beard. nbc news chief correspondent richard engel joins us from cairo. we sort of get a sense from that video put out yesterday that president saleh obviously is still alive, still functioning somewhat. but what about yemen? the state of that country? in terms of its own security and the the threat to the rest of us. >> since that assassination attempt about a month ago, yemen hasn't really had a central government, and that video, i guess it was intended to show that the president although he's no longer in yemen, he's recovering in saudi arabia, is still alive. what it did was show the president very weakened. still clearly injured by the bomb attack that he survived. he was apparently showing burn injuries ani was watching this video as it was being broadcast on yemeni state television. i've seen him in person. i've seen him give speeches many, many times. i didn't recognize him. he look sod much thinner. his face was so much darker, apparently from burns he suffered. his mustache and facial hair was gone. he was wearing the head scarf, which he doesn't normally wear. many peopl
of their revolution." i'm joined now by jon leyne in cairo. first of all, what's the scene in tahrir square, where i know there was a plan for a huge demonstration. what is happening? >> thousands have already taken to the streets. many thousands. we are back to the days of february. tahrir square behind me is absolutely full of people and there are still people streaming in. who knows what the numbers are? they're certainly in the many tens of thousands. people are saying the second revolution. somebody said tonight, "this is our second revolution." they are also talking about setting up a camp, once again, and not leaving until they get their demands. this is a confrontation i think many of us expected to happen. course, when president hosni mubarak went, many of the people running the country did not go. many people are still there in power. >> we are looking at some pictures while you speak of the crowds in tahrir square. the looks relatively cocalm. there have been fears of violent confrontation. do you think that my uncle today -- do you think that might unfold today? >> the police and army de
other arabs. in cairo's quarter, you can see what people want a new middle east. official corruption made the country worse, the regime's real legacy. too many live in places like carrots -- cairo's cramped back alleys. it is hard to feel free if every day is a struggle. to get an idea of where the changes are coming from, you need to go down any street in the middle east. or around 60% of arabs are under the age of 30. a lot of them are fed up with regimes that have not been trying to give them better lies. this year, they feel they can do something about it. change is not coming easily or quickly, but there is no going back to the way it was. but they have gone back to tahrir square because they believe the revolution is not complete. egyptians overthrew the man at the top. now they defy the generals who run the country until the elections, who they believe is trying to preserve as much as the old system as they can. organizers since the first anti mubarak marches in january are still leading the way for the arab world. >> we started by toppling the regime. all of a sudden, that is
where events are heating up once again. throngs of protesters continued to occupy tahrir square in cairo and disrupt the political life of egypt. across the mediterranean sea in syria, the u.s. and french embassies in damascus were attacked by pro-regime forces. what is going on? rami kuri is in the american university in beirut. he joins us from there, about as close as an outsider can get to syria. and we have aljazeera's cairo-based correspondent. i've looked at some of the stuff you've written. you suggest syria may be going through a slow motion revolution. is it a slow motion revolution or has the regime really been able to shut down this revolution? >> i wouldn't say it's a revolution. i would say it's widespread and growing citizen revolt among many, many people in syria, but there are also many people who still support the president. the regime has pushed back very hard using all kinds of tools that it has available, both military force and trying to co-opt or placate the rebellion and hasn't done very well so far in most people's views. this is a struggle looking more and more
gobierno.en el cairo, decenas d de personas llunivnot.univision@ granque se haya sto en meses en ese paÍs, l manifestanpin que se llev a cabo los juicio contra miembros del gabinete del ex presidenty se aceleren los cambios ometos. >> no stis ngÚn cambio >> pero no todo son malas noticias en mun Árabe sÁn del sur seonvierte en un nuevo paÍs y desde su capital cuba, lebraron con gran algarabÍa la indepdenc conseguida a travÉs de un referÉndum. el acuerdo de paz pusfin a una dÉcadae guras tre norte el sur. >> nque sudÁn del norte reconociÓ la depeencia, los lÍderes de amb lad no han definido cosas portantes como los lÍmites fronrizos y cÓmo se distirÁn los ingresos petroleros que son la base de enomÍa. >>much gracias, regresamos estados unidos, la comunad de arizona recuer las vÍctim y sobrevientes deltentado contra la congresista hace seisesesue terminÓ c lavida de seis persas.Á de una persona de bomberos, ramÉdicoy mibrose la comunid se reunieron eel lugar para reunir truto los fallecidos entre ellos una niÑa de nueve aÑos y el juez federal. el departamento detrabajo
en la celebraciÓn en pro del gobierno.univh@not.univision en el cairo, decenas de miles de pnas ll mÁh@ t.univision e.nh@h@not.univisio contra miembros del gabinete del ex presidente y se aceleren los cambios prometidos. >> no sentimos ningÚn cambio. >> pero no todo son malas noticias en el mundo Árabe, sudÁn del sur se convierte en un nuevo paÍs y desde su capital cuba, celebraron con gran algarabÍa la independencia conseguida a travÉs de un referÉndum. el acuerdo de paz puso fin a una dÉcada de guerras entre norte y el sur. >> aunque sudÁn del norte reconociÓ la independencia, los lÍderes de ambos lados no han definido cosas importantes como los lÍmites fronterizos y cÓmo se distribuirÁn los ingresos petroleros que son la base de la economÍa. >> muchas gracias, regresamos estados unidos, la comunidad de arizona recuerda las vÍctimas y sobrevivientes del atentado contra la congresista hace seis meses que terminÓ con la vida de seis personas. mÁs de una persona de bomberos, paramÉdicos y miembros de la comunidad se reunieron en el lugar para reunir tributo los f
kidder said, are in prison outside of cairo waiting on a trial. host: back to the economy. a lot of people are not happy with the change of improvement. guest: the economy has suffered through a revolution. you know that one of the major sources of foreign revenue, one of the pillars of the egyptian economy, is tourism. instability in change in government, the clashes that we have seen, have significantly affected the tourism. it is down 50% over the last month yourself. and foreign direct investment is somewhat jittery as a result of the unsettled nature of politics. that has also suffered. it is not a free fall for a collapse, but certainly not high rates of growth, not upward looking. host: let's get our first couple of call center in olive branch, mississippi on the independent line. caller: i heard about an arrangement for all the oil from each of, or a great rid of that a great bit of that was going to israel, and they were not getting what they should. there were up in the care about this. what is happening with that? guest: i think the caller is referring to natural gas e
revolution moving forward. gary lane cab can be news, cairo, egypt. >> visit us at we'll be back right after this. >> it is a sad fact hundreds of unwanted babies abandoned on the streetsover seoul, south korea and many don't survive. >> to set up a way for unwanted babies, news partners, cgnt v in seoul. >> on this street in seoul korea, a sign says place to leave babies. this is a baby box. a thick towel covers the bottom and lights and heating keep a baby comfortable. a bell rings when somebody puts a baby in the box and a helper comes to move a baby inside. this past year, 6 infants or small children rescued here. fiscally or mentally handicapped or from unmarried mothers. >> this note says he has this handicapped. i am sorry i am not able to raise this baby. i put him in the baby box of jesus loving union church. >> reports show 600 children are abandoned in the streets every year. only 20 percent of abandoned infants and children are rescued and placed in juvenile protection centers. hundreds are said to die on the streets. numbers of infant deaths are bound to get worse as
very special programs, "this is america visits the republic of cyprus." in cairo, egypt, we had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the pyramids. >> we are in the area of the sphinx,a giz plateau. when you come to egypt, for the first time, and you stand in front of the pyramids, you look at it and people wonder how was it built? why was it built? this is why i have been revealing the secrets of these pyramids for the last 35 years. >> who is that? >> kufu was the king of the second dynasty in egypt. he was married to three ladies, their pyramids are billed to the east. he was a wise man. people always wonder about these pyramids. we do have 123 pyramids in egypt. all of them come the kings and queens. the gate pyramid, people wonder about this all the time. >> what is the definition of a step pyramid? >> a pyramid made up by steps. it is like stairs that the king would take to heaven, the sun god. i always say, the pyramid built egypt. building the pyramids meant that we knew about art, technology, astronomy. just south of the pyramids, we found some tombs that can tell
a protest in cairo demanding the removal of egypt's ruling military council. the activist want faster political reform. the elections in september could be delayed. the wikileaks website founder has begun an appeal at against extradition from britain to sweden. he is accused of sexual offenses. his lawyers told the high court in london that the description of the charges were misleading and unfair. he denies any wrongdoing. still to come on the program, more on the u.k. phone-hacking scandal, what it means for media relationships around the world. >> breyer earth elements are crucial, but to controls the lion's share of production? police and guatemalans have arrested two men in the collection of argentine singer. he was one of the most respected folk singers. his car was ambushed. >> he gave voice to millions of the disenfranchised latin america is back on home soil. after his violent killing in guatemala city last week, the argentine folk singer was returned or he will be mourned the most. they also have questions about how a musician once named the u.n. peace envoy could have been
of the fact that -- the size of egypt. the population of tunisia is about half the size of cairo. the population of tunisia is about half the size of cairo. cairo during the day is close to 19 million, 20 million people. the population of tunisia is about 10 million. the military is going to be a very strong force in what happens in egypt or what doesn't happen i think, at least for for the short-term. they have not yet been able to focus on the role of the military and what it will be. the military in egypt frankly operates a bit like the military in pakistan. it is a state within a state. they have their own economy and they had their own businesses and their revolution as it exists in egypt, the uprising as it exists, whatever you want to call it, has not yet focused on what will be that future role of this pebble in the room. the floor is open. yes. direct your question to somebody. push it up on the side, i think. [inaudible] the question is about yemen. when we talk about the arab spring and the uprising -- i would also like to hear little bit more about georgia. that seeme
visited the cairo headquarters of the secular revolutionaries who toppled mubarak with their campaigns on facebook and twitter. they're nearly out of money. their office, grubby, cheaply furnished with a few old commuters and a photocopy machine. ameril says young organizers like her are losing power to the groups like the egyptian brotherhood. >> reporter: just compare the real estate, in january the muslim brotherhood's office was a small apartment with a tiny sign outside. their headquarters now, a palatial six-story villa, with guilded furniture, chandeliers, and the group's logo, crossed swords and the koran. the brotherhood is rich from donations from around the arab world. it's leaders like osama arian have been out campaigning at egyptian universities. the muslim brotherhood, egypt's most powerful political group says it wants, quote, islamic democracy. >> we need to give the whole world a new version of democracy. >> reporter: the brotherhood says it is not antagonistic to the united states, but it is staunchly anti-israel. >> israel cannot do it. >> reporter: why not? >> beca
correctly. it was a lack of support. in engagement also meant that, when crisis erupted in cairo this year as tens of thousands of protesters gathered in liberty square, secretary clinton declared "the egyptian government is stable. two weeks later, mubarak was gone. when secretary clinton visited cairo after the move barak fall, activist groups refused to meet with her. who can blame them? the forces we now need to succeed in egypt, the pro- democracy secular political party is, these are the very people president obama cut off and secretary clinton dismissed. the obama engagement policy in syria who led the administration to call the sheer allis not a reformer, even as his regime was shooting protesters dead in the street. president obama announced his plan to give them "alternative vision of himself. does anyone outside of a therapist's office have any idea what that means? this is what passes for moral clarity in the obama administration. by contrast, i called for his departure on march 29. a call for it again today. we should recall our master from damascus and i call for that again t
president will start next week in cairo. he faces charges of corruption and ordering the killers of protectors. doctors said he was weak and refusing solid food. the maid who accused the head of the former i.m.f. of trying to rape her claim they have been left traumatized by the accusation. her lawyer says they may launch a civil suit. in china the government is facing a public backlash over the way it handled a high speed train crash that killed 39 people. authorities say the trash was caused by design flaws but allegations of corruption and lack of transparency are fueling public anger. the premiere has visited the crash site. >> this is the soft paternal face of the communist party. in times of a crisis like this one the premiere is called upon to soothe the nation's nerves. he pays his respect but he was also bow to public pressure. >> no matter if it is a mechanical fault, a management problem or a manufacturing issue, we will get to the bottom of this. >> the two high speed trains collided on saturday night. the authorities say the crash was caused by a signal failure. the
it spiked so high after president obama was elected and after the cairo speech, it went even higher, but the expectations have not able to be met and therefore there's been a deflation. the only country where attitudes are a little bit better are in saudi arabia which i think is interesting by itself. but in awe the other countries, there were a sense that people were hopeful but they've been let down. >> the be the went to cairo, gave a speech to the arab world, gave a speech to the islamic world. in turkey, as you remember. it's barack hussein obama. he's tried to revitalized arab-israeli peace process. have plummeted. >> as the president himself noted in the speech in cairo, a speech alone wouldn't do it. he did not get handed a magic wand when he got elected. he got handed the shovel his predecessor had been using to dig a deep hole. and getting out of those holes has been very difficult. and congress hasn't been helpful. the president tried to lay down a marker with netanyahu on the '67 borders. >> are people in the arab world blaming him for a you would othat have? >> they're
cairo studio recording lives between the old cobblestone quarter and my still-warm mahogony ear. i should have gotten up to shake his hand, this uncomfortable tension between me and god. medina, its streets adorned with smells from the bazaar, yet i have chosen to adorn myself in the still concrete of columns. i am for the transcription of the arabic. in the morning, he howled the song in the name of his father, perhaps new fathers weep at the birth of their sons. do not cry for leila or for him, but drink the red wine and grow your love doublely, one for the ruby in the cup, the other for its rouge on your cheek. bombs rape the eyes of the sleeping assyrian gods. as if it were only a sand box, a few worthless grains of sand. i'll cut for you the last swathe of blue from the sky, sever my and if you'll let me, but for 5 minutes more, leave me to sleep without the knowledge of war. a kanun weeps near the funeral of music. having been occupied, notes mourn for the loss of their song. i am for a concert of horses, the origin of gazelle leapt up from the heart of al gubungi. have you m
build great cities like casa blogging, baghdad, cairo, jerusalem, damascus -- casa blanca. we are the people of the world who have given the world great profits and religions. -- great prophets and religions. thank you. [applause] >> every year that i have been in city hall, i have tried to take an intern from the community and try to teach them the ways of politics to make sure we have leadership that keeps coming, so eventually, we have candidates for office. like when a friend on the school board. is she here? -- like winifred on the school board. a couple of years back, i was wise enough to bring on an intern that has made all the difference for our community, especially with arab heritage month. he worked so hard for last year's event and has made this year a success. we were really concerned about timing, and we were not sure he would get to it, and shadi came to me and said that we had to do it, had to continue the tradition. without his work, this never would have happened. shadi, can i introduce you and have you say a few words? >> thank you, everyone, for being here.
tragedia. cientas de manifestantes ocupaban la plaza en el centro del cairo al dÍa siguiente otra manifestaciÓn contra las autoridades militares acabÓ enfrentamientos que dejÓ un saldo de varios heridos. centenares de indignados atravesaron espaÑa para participar en una nueva manifestaciÓn este domingo en madrid, en contra del desempeÑo de la crisis econÓmica, esta crisis no la pagamos gritaban los manifestantes que partieron de la estaciÓn de atocha por las avenidas de madrid hacia la puerta del sol, la plaza donde naciÓ el movimiento hace dos meses. una pausa y en instantes vamos a argentina con la emociÓn de los uruguayos tras comÉ.ctoria de su seÍs a volvuni-fi. sem i-fin emunivnnot uni-fin de sem@ ♪ >> alomar pertenece a la sala de la fama de bÉisbol. acaso la inmortalidad con 2700 hits, 210 home runes,, 274 bases robadas. uruguay celebra el triunfo en la copa amÉrica. en buenos aires, gustavo fueron busca de la reacciÓn de los fanÁticos y esto fue lo que le dijeron sobre el nuevo monarca del fÚtbol. >> buenas tardes, buenos aires hoy es celeste, uruguay l
committed we are this time. >> first, egyptians who took to the streets are back in cairo's main square. we'll tell you what they want now. and why casey anthony will stay in jail a little longer than anybody thought. .mething big? >>> we're monitoring other stories in in the situation rook right now. mary, what do you have? >> fens of thousands of impatient egyptians flooded cairo square today. they're frustrated by the current military leaders and want the interim government to speed up reforms. protesters say they won't leave until the demands are met. the rulers have set parliamentary hearings for september. residents in montana are running out of the patience on the exxonmobil response. exxon says the breach has dumped up to a thousand barrels of oil into the river. we'll speak to the governor next hour about the disaster. and the duke and duchess of cambridge land in los angeles next hour for the last leg of their world wind tour of north america. earlier, they wrapped up their visit to canada by helping to kick off the calgary stampede. prince william and his new bride will spend thr
filled tarir square in cairo. it appears to be the largest protest since the fall of president mubarak. for the first time since the revolution islamist leaders have been the instigators. tonight there are reports that libya's rebel military commander who was killed last night was murdered by his own side. he defected from clornl gadhafi's side. we have this report. >> it was the highest profile defection to the libyan rebellion. a man who had helped colonel gadhafi seize power, now switching sides. he gave credibility to the fighters of the east. his experience made him the ideal man to lead the rebel armed forces. he could speak as an equal to the libyan leader, something he did in a bbc interview just days into the conflict. translator: my dear brother, when benghazi said you should realize, i hoped you would leave. may god show you the righteous way and stop the annihilation of our people. >> but his relationship with gadhafi arouse suspicion. some believe he never defected. others refused to obey his comma. rumors swirled he was still in contact with eitegime. he was gunned down o
engel, nbc news, cairo. >>> and here in our new york studios our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. andr andrea, i don't need to tell you, this is your line of work. you ask any u.s. official what keeps you up at night, and they answer, these two countries, nuclear nations, and especially pakistan. >> pakistan is about to pass france as the fifth greatest nuclear power in the world and they're on a hair trigger. there's no hot line between india and pakistan, only last week, diplomats from both countries meeting out at stanford university trying to talk about establishing a hotline. so unlike the cold war, there is no communication, they could have an accident. this time india has said in the past that they were restrained three years ago when it was proved that pakistan was behind the attack, they were restrained by the u.s., by the rest of the world, they did not retaliate. this time most likely they would. only a couple of days ago i was talking to a prominent indian diplomat saying i could not persuade any country not to attack if this happened again. and now it
in cairo we will be informing the you on this late breaking news >> quick look at whether really nice conditions out there the of you out from mt. tam will put it in motion and break down what the weather is going to be like today apps it'll be much like what we have seen all week long we are still in that warming trend. inland spots are going to get up into the mid-90s today. that is out the weather is shaping up today we will have the extended forecast coming ups >> police arrested a woman that burglarized as san francisco hotel room of alex two back while he and his wife were sleeping >> here at san francisco marriott hotel a burglary at involving alex to back he was asleep in his room in the middle of the night someone came into his room and started stealing wallets and cash he is chased this aspect and heard himself in the chased the suspect has been caught with suspicion of burglary and receiving stolen profit >> all eyes are on wall street especially after yesterday at. it is better than expected unemployment report. >> we will take a quick break and be right back and this look
is back in tahrir square in cairo where it all started. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. when i spoke to you last friday, the egyptian revolution was starting all over again and as you can see, the protesters are still here, they believe that egypt's transitionary government isn't implementing reform quickly enough, and they are starting to see results. this week that transition government fired about 700 senior police officers including 500 generals. they also postponed elections here until november, giving these demonstrators more time to organize themselves politically. in syria, however, a very different situation, today syria saw perhaps the biggest demonstration yet, more than a million people out in the streets in nine different cities, all protesting against the government, although the syrian government is cracking down, injuring more than 20 people just today. >>> we learned more today about what some have called osama bin laden's wish list, taken from his compound that was raided by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s, u.s. officials say it's a mixture of aspiration an
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